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Ep 60: Seerat Sohi

March 12th, 2014

Seerat Sohi is a contributor to Hardwood Paroxysm and ClipperBlogTalking points on the podcast: The West Edmonton Mall is really good, Fahrenheit versus. Celsius continued, Seerat’s childhood encounters with sports, Jacob Frankel’s age, there’s a really bad doctor in Edmonton, Liberal Arts degree joke, finding your own unique voice through writing, being a female sportswriter in a male-dominant industry, her trip to the Sloan Conference, defending narratives, Phoenix must make the playoffs, how many real contenders are there in the West, TREVOR ARIZA, making fun of the Raptors, my favorite regular season game this year, HOT TAKES, Derek Fisher still being a thing, figuring out whether there’s a favorite in the West, what we were up to when Ray Allen saved the Heat’s season last year.